Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday- That was then this is now

*(update) Last week was my first Thursday-that was then this is now post and since my son made a comment about how he thought it was a great idea, I had to incorporate it with his 1/2 birthday. He is only a year 1/2 old in the picture and what a head of hair he had.

So he's not the oldest

he's not the youngest

he's not a girl

so as far as boy's go...

I guess he's our middle child.

Today is his 1/2 birthday, 6 months away from 15.

So it's only fair that I give him some cyber time attention.
He's very witty, has a kind soul, is a loyal friend, a weakness for sugar, carbs, gun and roses, and his guitar!


I took this with Photo Booth, I wonder what the purple represents?
I normally don't do profiles because of the whole "I got my dad's side of the families nose" thing. But at least my nose isn't purple.


Arlene said...

Happy half birthday!!
Since you're playing with Photo Booth, does that mean you have one of those cute little Apple Notebooks? My friend and I were playing with the photo thing on there at the mall not too long ago. She wants one so bad she can't see straight!!
Oh yeah, so I had surgery on my nose because I couldn't breathe out of it and it was causing my sinuses to drain incorrectly, causing me to forever have fluid in my right ear. So they broke my nose and did some cutting and sewing inside. I go back for my check up today, so we'll see how I'm doing.
If you click on my moviereviews label on the right side of my blog and read my review of the Departed, you'll crack up! I had the same feelings as you!!
Alright, enough of a book in your comments :-)

Arlene said...

Awww, for some reason I didn't see the top picture earlier. What a cute baby!!!

tess said...

I can't believe he is goling to 15!! Have I known you that long?About 8 years right?