Monday, April 09, 2007

EnDuRaNcE lEvElS

Tis the season to think of weight loss...or should I say "getting into shape".

I have decided to only eat my three meals a day on our smaller plates versus our dinner plates. I guess they are considered the salad plates. So far I am on day 2 and have done very well. That would be 6 meals all together. I am quite surprised that I am not still hungry when I am done. I guess a lot of my problem is that the food is there.

Now on the first day, I mentioned to my daughter that this would be my new plan. While making dinner, she decided to set the table. When I walked over to set a platter of food down I saw 5 dinner plates and one salad plate. The funny thing is that it had already left my conscious mind. If she had not done that, I would've just grabbed a regular plate.
Then I noticed that she switched hers to a salad plate and said that she just wasn't that hungry.

Our family has always eaten very healthy. My kids eat all of the vegetables and fruits that God created along with fish, chicken or just about anything we put out. We have never used the word diet in our home and have always explained to the kids how food is like medicine for their bodies. It is okay to have sugar but in small doses and only appropriate times. For instance, if you know you have a test, or a stack of homework, stay away from the sugar. They know how to nourish their brain.

I was completely surprised by her reaction to go with the smaller plate but didn't give it any attention. Now a days we have to be so worried that our daughters are loving themselves wholeheartedly and taking the best possible care of themselves. I just explained to her that I was trying to get into shape because before I know it we'll be at the pool everyday and I would like it if we could all ride our bikes there when we go as opposed to driving. The other day I went for a walk...a walk I add at the park and one time around required my inhaler. Granted, I know that this happens every spring, the air just makes me allergy ridden but adding a walk to that made me feel like I needed to build up my endurance level. I am sure she is wondering why I feel eating off of a salad plate got us to the inhaler but my natural instinct was to do damage control.

As a mother we will never stop believing that the things we say may put our kids in therapy one day.

The only way I will know if this works is by my clothing fitting better because in this house...I do not weigh myself.
Mainly because I do not care what I weigh. I just want to be able to fit into all of the clothing in my closet. Who knows...maybe if I wore a size two...I might just step onto a scale to see what that is like. But I have not been a two since I was 16 years old. I am an 8 right now but am my healthiest at a size 6.

I wish the weather would warm up, that always makes me want to be outside. But instead, I need to find the desire to get into the gym, build up my endurance, so that when my family wants to ride their bikes to the pool I'm not holding everyone up!!!


tommiea said...

That is a great way to describe food to the kids....we tell them sweets/candy and stuff are a "sometimes" treat. My TWO year old told my nephew that when he offered her candy this is good to know it is already sinking in at such a young age!

Michelle said...

I constantly think, or try to think about what I say and do regarding food/weight and the girls. I worry so much about them falling into the 'food trap.' I have seen my 8 yr old niece checking labels for fat content - 8!! I don't want that! We run alot and we always tell the girls its good exercise- and that soccer, dancing, running around the yard- its all good to keep you healthy. The food dept is another story - they don't eat too much junk - just not alot of anything!

Wendy said...

I need to start eating on the smaller plates too! My little guy has a sweet tooth that won't quit so we are constantly battling him with his snacks. He would eat sugar all day everyday and nothing else if I would let him. Gets it from his grandpa. My dad has a freezer in his garage that is only for candy and it is full! A whole freezer! Now that is a sweet tooth!

Arlene said...

Good for you! That's such a great idea!
I have to be really careful about my weight loss around Ariel, because I'll catch her saying she doesn't want something because she's full, when as a mom, I know she's not. We've had lots of talks, so I think she's ok, and she's by no means overweight, but I don't want her to ever have image issues!!

L.A. Daddy said...

We've been doing the "smaller" plates for several months now. It's not working so well - I just pile more crap onto the plate and make it go higher!