Monday, April 16, 2007


We drove into Chicago to pick up my eldest who had been there since Tuesday. His friends twisted my arm to keep him an extra day, and so I caved.
This allowed our other children to be able to see their friends. Especially since the majority of their spring break was spent looking out the window at SNOW!
We pulled into town right when the middle school was getting out. My 14 year old called his friends and they all flocked to the front of the school to invade our car. Most of his friends were getting on the bus to head over to a track meet. He begged and we let him go. At the same time, my daughter's friend was walking out of the school and did a double take at us; jaw fell to the ground and then it hit her! She ran over to our daughter and they both shrieked as only a 6th grade girl can with sheer delight. My youngest just ran with the punches as always. Asking over and over when we were going to drop him off at his friends house.

I, on the other hand had a brilliant plan. As I posted before my biggest struggle is not being able to find a hairdresser.
In fact, right before we went back to Chicago, the light bulb went off...I'll call and see if Amy can get me in. Sure enough, she had an opening around the time we would be pulling into town. Talk about shrieking like a 6th grade girl. This would at least hold me until I was comfortable enough with someone here.

When we dropped off my youngest at his friends house, all of my friends started showing up. It was fabulous. Although I kept repeating over and over to them that I needed to leave. My appt is at 3:30 and I do not want to miss it. They kept telling me to wait and then a friend said, "I'll take you to get your haircut, so Movin dad can drop
one son off at the track meet to see his friends. My daughter was going to her friends house and everyone was accounted for and happy. Then my last friend walked in, they were all there except one who was ill. That one friend being ontopofmygame but the other four were there and I felt loved.

They handed me a cookie
Along with this card:

The card was filled with Birthday wishes from all 5 amazing women along with a poem inviting me over Mother Day weekend to one of their lake houses. A girls weekend sitting on the beach soaking in the rays!!! (hopefully Mother Nature will comply) I never had sisters but these women are my chosen sisters. And if I absolutely HAVE TO turn 40 then I couldn't imagine a better group of women to do that with.

I would like to point out that I do not turn 40 until this Thursday. My father-in-law who passed in November will have his ashes put to rest that day. My mother-in-law chose this day because it was the day his mother died. It was also the day in 1994, that the whole Waco/Branch Davidian fiasco came to an end and the date of the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. Yes, many scary sad things have happened on the day of my birth. So I won't allow turning 40 to be a negative thing. I can only end on a brighter note, my birthstone is a diamond...hint hint!


tess said...

I'm hurt that your only sisters are in chicago.

Mayberry said...

SO: Did you make it to the haircut, and how is your hair!

Wendy said...

It's been a year since I moved and I have yet to get my hair done in South Carolina! I still get it done in Indiana. Crazy, but I am afraid to just call some where and make an appointment with someone I don't know.
Sounds like fun! My friends are begging me to come home for a visit. It's nice to be missed.

movin'mom said...

I like my hair and it is pretty much how it was last time I got it cut. It just went way too long without a trim. She got rid of all the GUK!!!

Arlene said...

I hope movin' dad got his hint!
Happy early Birthday! Damn you look good for your age!!
I'm glad everyone had so much fun visiting :-)
I'm OH SO picky about who touches my hair!!!!