Saturday, April 21, 2007


I recently realized that my 200th post came and went without me even realizing it. I decided to go back and maybe read some of my favorite posts and perhaps link them to share. Then I realized that I didn't really practice self-infliction when it came to my Blog even though I have plenty of issues! The majority of my "I have it all figured out" posts seem to refer to my parenting. Again, not to state that I do have it all figured out but maybe because parenting is the one thing I have NEVER taken for granted. The one thing I would NEVER drop the ball on. The one thing I work hardest at and feel that I am good at. You guys don't even know how hard that was for me to state out loud. Compliments are something I have never been able to swallow much less state especially about myself. But this isn't suppose to be about what I'm good at. Welcome to my self-infliction:

Why is it that if I can get by during the winter without shaving my legs then I will. BUT...If I get an appointment for a pedicure or even one with my OB/GYN my legs are as silky smooth as I can get them?

My poor husband!

Why is it that I am completely okay with dishes in the sink, laundry piles to do and dust I could write my name on, but when we're having company I can get all cleared up in a 5 minute time period.

My poor family!

Why is it that I would rather give Oprah my ratings by watching her show from my sofa than to actually get up and do what her and Bob Greene are advising to get into shape?

My poor body!

Why is it that I can watch Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) and hear him say that exercise, discipline, affection is the way of the balanced Dog, BUT I seem to drop that first word from my routine because it would mean I too would have to exercise.

My poor Dog!

I could go on and spelling and grammar s-u-c-k!
I know there is a spell check BUT for some reason it just takes too much for me to send my cursor over to that area
you know....the extra step!

My poor readers!

I guess I can only sum "ME" up to say that I can obviously only take on one task at a time...right's parenting. I'll get to the dishes when I'm finished!

Spring is fresh veggies


Blues Skies

Green grass

That was yesterday, today is another B-E-A-UTIFEL day...

...but we're all held up in the house with food poisoning. It was my birthday cake. Movin' Dad picked me up a Casada Cake while in Chicago. It was delicious. Until last night...stomach pains, headaches, body aches, nausea, and so much more I won't even share....

Movin' Mom won't be back until her home is once again HEALTHY!!!


tommiea said...

yuck on being sick!! I hope everyone feels better soon....what a way to remember a birhtday....a memorable birthday at that.

tommiea said...

I think I fixed the link to the Citadel....if he really is interested,let me know. My husband is deployed but I am sure he would love to email him about it.

Arlene said...

You are so funny!! Happy 200, and happy 40!

Anonymous said...

oh sickness is just the worst!!!!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

ps. great reads throughout the blog...

me said...

40 will now forever be "That birthday when we all got food poisoning" yea!!!! I always let the little stuff go, my motto is I'll clean when the kids are grown. hairy legs and dust are going nowhere, my kids are. hope you can enjoy the weather soon.

Mayberry said...

Now that is cruel -- food poisoning from birthday cake! Totally unfair!