Thursday, March 13, 2008

Putting things in God's Hands

Last night, my boys had a group of friends over.

There is always a tremendous amount of teasing that goes on between my kids but even more so, the two oldest.
They are only 14 months apart and are finally at a point where they do quite a bit together including having the same friends.

I can count on one hand the amount of fights, they have had.I don't mean racing to see who makes it to the front seat of my car first, or even walking by and getting a punch in every so often. I mean a really anger filled rage like fight. So mad at each other they couldn't see straight. The answer is twice. Obviously the first time broke my heart. It was even within this year. My boys had lead approx 15 years of their life without having that happen. Needless to say, I probably overreacted to it.

So last night, the teasing started as always. But like two brothers who are together 24/7, same school, share a room, wrestle together, same friends, they know everything there is to know about each other. Especially what to say to get the other one going. It unraveled without anyone even knowing.

At some point my 15 year old made a comment that didn't sit well but he didn't react. Until they went down to the basement.
Then in front of all the other kids, my oldest decides to tackle my 15 year old and start beatin' on him.
Well normally I hear about it immediately. But it wasn't until later that my eldest decided to say something.

If you can visualize this, I was silently screaming at him. It's exhausting! WHY, WHY, WHY? I know that a lot of reactions will be that their brothers, and that's what brothers do. BUT NOT IN MY HOUSE. Our rules and what we have taught them are that you don't EVER hit the people that you love. EVER!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS! Then I threw in there, that I would tell their dad about it the next day. Just so they know....this discussion isn't over!

So before I go to bed I said my prayers. As always, I add a prayer in that if my children are doing something wrong, that they be caught. That if they are veering off of a path that they be held accountable.

Well one day later (today), I sent my two boys (who of course are good with each other now) ...(but still no apology) to the gas station to get some pop for their sister and her friends. They both walk in and there are two men behind the counter, ironically enough two brothers.

They ask my guys if they are also brothers.

They say "YES!"

One man says to my eldest, "let me guess, are you the oldest?"

My son smiles and says, "YES!"

The he asked my son, "Let me ask you, do you ever hit on him?"

My other son says, " uh yeah....last night he did!"

The guy looks at my son and says, "DID YOU REALLY?"
he handed him back the change and said, "Have a nice day!"
and they left.

The most remarkable part of this story is that my oldest son
came home and told me this whole story. It really affected him.
I looked right into his eyes and said, "That was God!" That's how he works.

I pray that my children be held accountable. Do I want them to feel bad.....NO!
I want them to know that God is always watching.
I want them to be good and when they screw we all do...I want them to feel remorse.
Especially if they have hurt someone.

This story has a happy ending.
Which is why I put things in God's hands.

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The Kept Woman said...

(raises glass) Here's to hoping that they quit beatng on each other and start to enjoy each other for their differences...although that might take will happen.