Monday, February 02, 2009

Where am I?

It's like going back home... every time I move.
Almost as if home were my therapist. The BLOG World.
A place where I can rant and rave about all of the trials and tribulations
of once again... packing up the house!

Only this time... It was different.

I have taken you through 2 of the last 8 moves I have made.
I believe it was Illinois to Wisconsin where we only had a 15 month stay. Then Wisconsin to Michigan which was less than a year.
But this time after 20 years Movin' Dad decided to move to another company. Who in turn decided to move us to another state.
TEXAS! My homeland, where the deer and the buffalo roammm... where seldom is heard... a discouraging worddddd......unless of course 6 people are sharing one bathroom.

Okay anyway, I AM a native born Texan. So I should be golden about the move. But this has to be by far our most challenging.
New company, new rules, new limitations on weight of furniture on the truck.... 25,000 tons, SERIOUSLY?

Then... we decide to build! I KNOW.. I know... ~CRAZY~ So we are living in a temporary apartment until the home is done, which could be... 3 weeks! 6 people, one dog, small one room apartment. PRAY people~ PRAY for my sanity!

On a pleasant note... I am having more fun on facebook lately finding all of my old classmates. In fact, so much so that I find myself...dare I say it aloud? ADDICTED! So I thought... It is time to focus on something else for a while ... break away a bit from the facebook world... give people time to miss you, but what? What could occupy me......

So here I am!
Talk to ya' tomorrow!
my Texan twang is creepin' back just a bit!

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