Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Could this be real?

While flipping through a magazine the other day, I came across an ad.

It is a local magazine that arrives through the mail and seems to be filled with
various plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, weight loss clinics, and of course boutiques.

I never really pay a lot of attention to those ads however, I came across one that stood out.

Initially I thought it was either weight loss, or plastic surgery...

I could hardly believe that this product would actually exist...

or does it?

This is the actual spread I saw:

But as you draw your eye in closer , you could possibly think...ab workout, diet or plastic surgery....

I have no idea if this is real. There is absolutely no contact information, yet they say they have s-xxl in patterns for men and women. I mean how would you get the belly button part in...

Is this a joke? It's got to be... right?

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